NASA Earth and Space Science Education Product Review

The following videos provide helpful information concerning the NASA SMD Review process:

NASA SMD Independent Product Review Introduction

NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD) education products (for K-12, higher education and informal education) that will be included in the new NASA SMD E/PO online catalog need to first pass the SMD education product review. John Ensworth of IGES will present tips on how to submit a product that is more likely to pass the review. He will also explain how your product will be featured by NASA once it passes the review in online databases. Product developers and potential reviewers are encouraged to view this video.


NASA SMD Independent Product Review: Tips from the Trenches - Getting Your Product Ready for NASA Education Review

Want to submit a product for the NASA SMD Independent Product Review? Would you like your product to look as good as possible for the review process? Uncertain as to what to expect from the review? Michelle Nichols (IBEX E/PO - The Adler Planetarium) and Ruth Paglierani (Coordinator of Public Programs - UC Berkeley Center for Science Education) will share their experiences with creating and revising informal and formal education products that passed NASA SMD Independent Product Review. By using a few standard educational design elements and reflections on experiences from these "seasoned veterans," Michelle and Ruth hope to maximize your success for products submitted to the NASA SMD Independent Product Review.

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